Our role is to embed health, safety and environmental values across Genesis operations, to create an incident free working environment. Our Chartered Health and Safety and Environmental Practitioners will work closely with you to achieve tangible improvements to demonstrate to your stakeholders the positive impact of a high performance. iTE has been working with corporations from different sectors and industries including Oil and Gas, Telecom, Educational Institutes, Hotels, Construction industry, Packaging & Freight forwarding companies, retails, IT and Waste Management Companies etc. We have competent, qualified and experienced trainers who have vast experience in Oil and Petroleum Sector, Manufacturing Industries etc.

  • Quality and Management System Services
  • Health Services
  • Safety Services (Transport, Industrial, Training) Industrial Ergonomics
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics special techniques
  • Research Methods and Statistics Safety
  • Inspection and Audit Services
  • Provision of Safety Staff on Contract Services
  • Quality and Management
  • Risk and Reliability Engineering
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Security Services
  • Risk Analysis
  • IMS
  • Accident/Incident

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