Why choose us?

We are a team of experienced consultants who have been in Operations role before becoming consultants. We really know how things work from the side of an oilfield service company, and having that knowledge allows us to manage and plan these operations on a very detailed level. The most prominent features of our services is flexibility, speed and dedication that ensure complete satisfaction for our clients

Four Reasons why you should choose iOC as your partner

Local Expertise

iOC was born out of the experiences that we had in Pakistan and overseas over the years. All of us started our oilfield career from Pakistan as field Engineers in Schlumberger. We have travelled as engineer’s all over Pakistan delivering various oilfield services on wells in Baluchistan to Badin Sindh to the ones in the North. We have had the honor of being there on some of the major discoveries in Pakistan and have seen firsthand the operational challenges that we faced in remote areas. Years later when we returned as managers, this experience was invaluable to us. As managers we worked alongside the oil companies delivering services and bidding on the work.

These experiences allow us to fully understand the work environment and the challenges here in Pakistan


We provide an immediate solution for filling a need on a project-by-project basis. Through a consulting firm such as iOC, operators are able to tap into a pool of highly talented and experienced consultants who are readily available to fulfill your needs.

All the companies here have some cyclic work which peaks during projects. This means that in low periods the utilization of people is low but during the peak time the organization struggles to meet the loading. A better option is to have consultants filled the gaps in mainly technical positions with the oil company’s employees managing the teams. This allowed for better P&L and a more efficient operation as the consultants can be added or removed as and when needed. This model works well overseas and can work here provided expertise is available more readily with consistent quality. iOC intend to provide that expertise.


Unlike most other companies that are working in the oilfield services market, we are not in the business of marketing our own tools nor their services but rather our experience. This differentiates us from others as our advice is not focused on one vendor or packaged to one final solution.

As it exists today most of the technical support that is provided for services in Pakistan is actually given by the same company that provides the service in the first place, leading to conflict of interest. Despite the sincerity of the approach of the service company, the end result is them recommending their own services as solutions. Having a technical analysis by a third party that is aware of the technical solutions in the market and working with your team as an impartial adviser can be vital to make the right choice.

Longterm Partnership

iOC wants to provide a platform to the companies who want to gain access to talent in the market. By vetting the quality of the people we intend to provide a consistent quality of work. We want to be your partner that you can call upon to help with anything from Tender and contracts to operational excellence and reviews.

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