Wireline Logging Services

  • Strong background in Open Hole & Cased Hole Logging Services
  • Experienced in HPHT and Slim holes logging techniques
  • Preparation and implementation of wireline logging objectives
  • Perforating systems and operational implementation
  • Pipe recovery services including free point indication
  • Log Quality Control (prejob, realtime & post job)
  • Wellsite Supervision Services

Well Intervention Services

  • Design, Engineering and Evaluation of Intervention Services
  • Coiled Tubing, Slickline and N2 Fluid Pumping
  • Design and planning for multi-well workover and intervention campaigns
  • Stimulation job designs & execution through coiled tubing
  • Milling and cleanout jobs in vertical and horizontal wells
  • Slot cutting and perforating using abrasive cutting techniques through CT
  • Audits and inspections to monitor compliance
  • Wellsite Supervision Services


  • Design, Engineering and Evaluation of Cementing Services
  • Review of programs and slurry designs as per final well conditions
  • Well versed in gas tight, lightweight, heavy and HPHT slurry designs
  • Experienced in horizontal and slim boreholes cementing
  • Supervision and verification of lab fluid designs
  • Post Job Analysis for cement jobs to confirm compliance with guidelines
  • Wellsite Supervision Services

Production Enhancements

  • Integration of problem diagnosis with wireline and problem treatment design
  • Selective and customized fluid treatment designs using fluids and mechanical aids
  • Water Control and Isolation job designs and execution
  • Asphaltene and paraffin removal and prevention
  • Scale treatments, removal and prevention
  • Expertise in lab testing for fluids compatibility, minerology, etc.
  • Permeability alteration using chemical and mechanical techniques
  • Treatment designs with acids, solvents, organic fluids, gels, etc
  • Wellsite Supervision Services

Fracturing Services

  • Candidate selection and data gathering recommendation
  • Technical and economic feasibility of the jobs
  • Design of MEM models with the available data
  • Design and evaluation of Prop and Acid fracturing jobs
  • Fluids design in sandstone and carbonate formations
  • Post Job Evaluation and well performance prediction
  • Reservoir management recommendations
  • Contractor management
  • Wellsite Supervision

Drilling Services

  • Well Engineering Design and Planning services for vertical, deviated and HPHT wells
  • Technology evaluation and implementation
  • Drilling Performance Management Services
  • MWD, LWD, Motors, etc. supervision and evaluation services (no hardware)
  • Supervision of Drilling Services and Operations
  • Contractor and Operations Management
  • Audits and Inspections for contractors
  • Efficiency Improvement Studies and implementation of initiatives
  • Integration of soft and hard interfaces among various services and stake holders

Subsurface Data Processing & Interpretation

  • Data Processing for various kinds of borehole acquired data
  • Petrophysical and Geological Data Processing and Interpretation
  • Reservoir data acquisition planning and reservoir modelling
  • Geomechanics studies for drilling and fracturing including 1-D and 3-D MEMs
  • Production forecasting in matrix and fractured wells
  • Seismic data QC services during acquisition in the field
  • Well versed in exploitation of unconventional, tight and heavy oil reservoirs
  • Petroleum Economic Studies
  • Variety of G&G and Production Enhancement studies
  • Technology evaluation and implementation

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