Our Company

The company is founded by ex-oilfield services managers who have worked in Pakistan on both field and country management level.

Our Mission:
We will provide world Class expertise and knowledge to help our customers improve efficiency and value when and wherever required.

iOC is a technical consultancy company providing world class expertise in oilfield services planning and execution to NOCs, IOCs and Independents in the oil and gas industry. If you are looking to perform any oilfield service, iOC should be your first point of call. We will assist you in all aspects of the process while developing our relationship built on quality of work and trust. With an average of 15+ year experience of each team member, both in Pakistan and abroad, we intend to provide world class expertise to help our customers enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of their operation to drive maximum value from their budget.

Management, knowledge and expertise lie at the very heart of all we provide at iOC. It’s our sincere effort to provide our skills we have gathered to help improve your business performance by identifying business needs and developing, communicating, and executing creative strategies and techniques to address complex circumstances and create value while working with you.

We have expertise in the following areas and are willing to discuss any further need that may arise.
  • Operations Management – Resource planning and wellsite services
  • Contract negotiations and Strategy setting
  • Competency development, Equipment planning & optimization, Failure investigation
  • Fracturing – Acid and Prop, single and muli-stage fracs, carbonate and Sandstone reservoirs
  • Wireline Open & Cased Hole Logging Services
  • Coiled Tubing Services – Design and Evaluation of coiled tubing perforating, well cleanout and kickoffs, formation stimulation services using CT
  • Matrix Stimulation – Design and Evaluation of acid and chemical treatments to reduce near well bore skin in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs
  • Cementing Services – Design of primary and remedial cement jobs coupled with cement and pipe integrity evaluation
  • Operating Environment – Land & Offshore, HPHT, Deep Wells, Slim Wellbores, Deviated and Horizontal well.

As we just launched we are focusing on our in-house expertise. Additional oilfield services operations are to be added as we expand our team in months to come.

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