Training #1 Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

The Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training Course provides knowledge and development skills in creating SMART goals, utilizing technology, overcoming procrastination, self-motivating, managing time, and more.

Goal setting is an imperative skill. With the right tools and knowledge, you can learn and develop it to maximize your productivity and confidence. The key is to learn how to set different types of achievable goals (short, medium, long-term and “stretch”). The techniques offered in this training help you to achieve skills to identify and set manageable goals and to achieve them.

Training # 2 – Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Training Course trains you in identifying support structures, perspectives and arguments and to critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a proposed plan or an action so that the right decisions can be made from the beginning. Learn the difference between left brain and right brain thinking, removing the emotions from decision making, evaluating both sides of an argument and critical questioning skills.
Critical thinking involves a number of processes including identifying and evaluating specific situations, being aware of any contributing circumstances and the potential results of your actions or plans. To think critically, it is important to evaluate various perspectives (yours and of others) to identify the resources available to you and evaluate the short and long-term effects of taking a particular action. With this course, you get to know anything and everything to hone your critical thinking so you can strategize and analyse situations better.

Training # 3 – Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills give you exactly that – negotiation skills. With a wide range of tools and techniques, this training will equip you with influencing negotiation styles in order to enhance your personal effectiveness.

During this fun, interactive training you will have the opportunity to try advanced communication techniques, develop sophisticated win-win negotiation strategies and develop your sphere of influence.

Training # 4 – Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills is all about overcoming stage freight, hesitation and transforming into a proficient presenter and public speaker. This course will help you overcome nervousness, boost your confidence by developing skills such as reading to an audience, interaction through questions and answers and using icebreakers.  

Moreover, this course also provides you with valuable presentation skills, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering professional presentations with confidence and flow.

Training # 5 – 10 Soft Skills You Need

Soft Skills are also termed as people skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills or problem-solving skills to mention a few.

Research has shown that 85% of an individual’s success can be attributed to a well-developed set of soft skills, while technical skills only account for the remaining 15%! As a result, soft skills development is finally gaining traction as a priority for most organizations – beyond executive and leadership development programs.

With 10 Soft Skills You Need, you get to learn 10 in-demand soft skills that will enable you to pave your way to success with more proficiency.

Training # 6 – Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies training will help you become aware of the flow of communication, understand situational communication and gain the opportunity to practice effective communication techniques.

Without grasping the art of communication, most of us tend to operate on instinct when we deal with others. This course helps you master this art and will assist you to get more out of each interaction and enhance your relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Commencing with the identification of existing knowledge, it moves on to building skills and techniques thereby completed by relating learning to the workplace and committing to behavioral change.

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